Sela Ergo

If you are looking for a stool that is truly comfortable and does not push you in any specific position, then the Sela Ergo is the one for you. Where traditional “saddle seats” like our own Sela Solo, Curved and Oval, tend to force you in an upright position, the Sela Ergo does not. And while this is not necessarily a good or a bad thing – some people LOVE the saddle seats – we wanted to create something that offers something to those who don’t. That is the Ergo!

With its oval shaped seat and sloped edges, the Ergo leaves enough room to find your own position on the stool. Yet, thanks to the sloped edges, the blood in your legs keeps flowing naturally and is not pinched off by the seat. This way you just sit, and sit, and sit… without any discomfort!

To put the proverbial “icing on the cake”, the Ergo stool offers the same robust stainless steel base and smooth rolling wheels as our other stools. Of course, you can also adjust the height.

Technical details

Weight: +/- 7.5 kg

Dimensions: 40×28 cm (seat)

Height (min-max): 57-75 cm

Base: stainless steel, star-shaped, 5 wheels

Adjustable height: yes

Upholstery: polyurethane (PU)


Why SB Design?

Good question! Have a look at this page to find out more about us.