Lower Arm Support

ps beauty trade lower arm support ps beauty trade lower arm support

Improves your posture

Think about the last treatment you performed. Did you feel like your hands were floating in the air? Or your elbows were uncomfortably resting on your knees? With the Lower Arm Support these acrobatics belong to the past. Thanks to the soft support for your forearms your posture is greatly improved. You automatically sit upright which relieves the strain on your neck and shoulders. Furthermore, the plastic tray provides a nice place to collect all residues from the treatment – and easily dispose of them!

Easy to attach

When you order a Lower Arm Support with your Tarsus podiatry chair, we install the attachment bricks for you. We will place brick under each of the legrest. This bricks has two sets of holes to slide in the Lower Arm Support. One ensures a straight line from the legrest to the support. The other set has a slightly steeper angle, such that you can lower the legrest itself. Just pop it in and off you go!

Easy to clean

The removable plastic tray is resistant to most aggressive liquids and easy to clean with a mild green soap.

Why SB Design?

Good question! Have a look at this page to find out more about us.