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It Moves!

The Tarsus podiatry chair is a professional chair that has everything podiatrist and pedicurists need. Adjust the height and inclination of the seat and backrest with the press of a button on the hand or (wireless) foot controller. The legrest is operated via a gas spring. The self-fixating armrests can be flipped up and back for easy entry.

Why The Gas Spring?

Because it saves you a lot of time. Many company install a fourth actuator for the leg rest. However, we found that just pressing the lever and moving the leg rest is about 2,5x faster than grabbing the controller, finding the right button and waiting for the actuator to move. In addition, a gas spring is a lot cheaper and less prone to failure than an actuator.

Accessible to everyone

The Tarsus podiatry chair is a very ergonomic and accessible treatment chair. With a lowest high of only 54 cm, entry is easy, even for less mobile or heavier clients. In addition, the leg rest goes all the way up to almost 150 cm, allowing you to work upright. This way, both you and your client are as comfortable as possible during the treatment.

Length: 173 – 196 cm

Width: 54 cm (seat) 72 cm (outside)

Height: 54 – 105 cm

Weight (net): 75 kg

Maximum load: 200 kg


Despite the slightly harder cushioning than the Dermis, the Tarsus is still highly comfortable. The sturdier cushions actually give you more comfort in a seated position because of the concentration of your body weight. We all know the strenuous feeling after sitting in a very soft chair for an hour. The medical grade memory foam in the seat is of same quality you find in wheel chair seats – which meet the highest quality standards. The foam is undeformable, so the chair will look the same, even after 5 years of intensive use.

Squeaky Clean

Hygiene is perhaps the most important thing in any salon. You may be the best beautician in the world, if your salon is not clean clients will stay away. The Tarsus helps you with thanks to the easy to clean and highly resistant PU upholstery. Essential oils and (most) agressive liquids will not stand a chance. Any stains can be easily removed using a mild green soap or glass cleaner and a clean cloth.

Want to take it to the next level? Go for a (wireless) foot controller. This way you will never touch your hand controller with dirty gloves again – or lose time taking them off.

Make It Your Own

Not every pedicurist or podiatrist wants the same thing. Therefore, we offer some options to really personalise your chair.


Pick 1 or 2 of the 31 available colours. Yes, that is right, you can pick 2 colours for 1 chair! See below for examples.


To turn the chair. Ideal for tight spaces. Allows you to turn the client instead of moving around with your stool.


To move the chair around. Very useful if you only have a small space or want to clean under the chair regularly. Be aware that we do not offer wheels in combination with a turntable.


We ship the chair with a hand controller by default. The foot controller or wireless foot controller are optional.


For a little bit more protection. Do you spill a lot of ink, like tattoo ink or permanent make-up? We cannot guarantee the stains will always come out of the upholstery. Also new pairs of (dark) jeans may leave harsh stains. To avoid this we offer tailored covers.

Why SB Design?

Good question! Have a look at this page to find out more about us.