Treatment Chairs

We offer you two chairs. Choose between the soft and comfortable Dermis or ergonomic Tarsus.

The Dermis is designed around a lying position (face up ánd down) and offers comfort during the entire treatment – even more so with the built-in heating. The Dermis has a single legrest, yet is perfect for those who perform beauty and foot treatments. And since the seat goes all the way up to 126 cm, the Dermis is perfect for massages and tattoo artists. More info ►

If you only perform foot treatment, the Tarsus is the chair for you. The somewhat sturdier cushioning offers more comfort when sitting upright for a longer period of time. The ergonomically-shaped double legrests provide stability for the pedicurist/podiatrist and reduce the strain on the hamstrings one may experience with both legs in the air. Finally, with a maximum (foot) height of almost 150 cm, working ergonomically is as easy as pie. More info ►