Ergonomic Stools

You may pick a treatment chair you can afford, but in the end you are not the one that is sitting in it. So why not treat yourself to a decent stool as well? Preferably, one that suits your body, is comfy and let’s you work all day without any troubles. Our range of Sela stools are perfect for you. Have a look at all four models below.

Sela Ergo

The newest addition to the pack. With its flat seat and sloped edges, the Sela Ergo offers the best of both worlds. No longer you are forced into the classic saddle position, yet you still have plenty of comfort for your legs. More info ►

PS Buddy white

Sela Solo

We sometimes call this one the “pony seat”, because it feels like you are horseback riding. The saddle shaped seat promotes an active posture, reducing neck strain and numb fingers. For newbies this stool may seem a bit tiring – you practically have to keep yourself upright – but your back will thank you after many years of work. More info ►

PS Buddy+ white

Sela Curved / Oval

Need a little extra support and adjustability, then the Sela Curved or Oval is the one for you. Both the seat and backrest can be tilted and adjusted in height, giving you the opportunity to shape the stool to your needs. Pick between the slightly thicker and supportive Curved backrest or the unconstraining Oval backrest. More info ►