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At SB Design we have gathered over 25 years of experience to create treatment chairs tailored to the needs of beauticians, pedicurists and podiatrists alike. By listening carefully and paying attention to the wishes and complaints of our clients we have come up with two chairs that cover it all. Furthermore, we have expanded our collection to a series of three ergonomic stools, a lower arm support and the well-known – unbreakable – flexible collecting tray. We are proud of each and every one of our products and we truly believe in their quality. In fact, we are quite sure that you will not regret any of our products, thanks to the following reasons: 


We are not the cheapest supplier of treatment chairs on the market. We are aware. However, sooner or later every beautician, podiatrist or pedicurist will discover that quality comes at a cost. Producing a chair that lasts for years with a continuous level of comfort requires a durable frame, high quality actuators and undeformable cushioning. When you put all these parts together, you end up with a chair that is sustainable and actually very cheap in terms of cost per treatment. On top of that, all of our products come with 3 years of warranty – which is exceptional in business-to-business transactions.

Dutch Design

We think sustainability goes a long way. Not only in terms of quality, but also with regard to production location. By exclusively using Dutch parts, we aim to improve the lives of the people that are close to us and receive a fair wage for their work. This way we hit two birds with one stone: 1) We have very short lines with our suppliers to control and maintain the quality of our chairs. 2) We stimulate the local economy.


No large production lines with endless opportunities for mistakes. Just one guy with a knack for transforming an idea into a real product. From preparing the frame to getting the right materials and putting them all together: everything is done with love and care by just one person. And no chair leaves our assembly facility until it is 100% perfect.


Just like we started out, we always listen to the users of our products to see if there is room for improvement. But it does not stop there. Very often, people do not really know what they want until they see it. Our objective is to keep surprising our clients such that the chair, stool or tray they are working with becomes invisible.

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